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engarde, fuckboy —


pls ask extremely invasive questions and interrogate me abt the minutia of my life


facts abt knives:

- 17 yr old skeleton from canada
- cool teen robot
- carnivorous plant
- occult enthusiast
- fedora-clad euphoric atheist
- diehard skeptic science fanatic
- math whiz + trivia lord
- dating this loser
- i like girls, boys, neither, androids, dragons, etc
- mental health things but what else is new
- phobias: deep water, large things under water, heights, asphyxiation ((need this one tagged please))
- some cool people are leon, harry, ash, gem, anna, em, luke, and talia 

#b7ebe4, #b7ebd3, #c7f5d6


masuzushi (trout) and egg sushi socks by TOKYO OTAKU MODE

wtf i just realized im candlehead

first day of school looks(best earrings i own)

first day of school looks
(best earrings i own)


U kno what’s harder than being a nerotypical parent raising an autistic kid???? Being an autistic kid who’s been conditioned to believe you are a burden to your entire family


fun games I like to play in public to stop myself stessing out from anxiety: secretly assign fursonas to strangers around you

nymph1-7 replied to your post: im so excited to go to school tomorrow…

you go and rock that tough kid facade!! Man I’m back down at the bottom rung this year 0_0 I’ll be popping by soon too!

thank u! also oh man m so srry my support goes out to you…

im so excited to go to school tomorrow and intimidate some gr 9s w my piercings nd weird hair nd Confident Demeanour

raprat replied to your post: how do i become a furry

One day you will look inside yourself and with horror you will find that you were a furry all along

sounds simple enough
thank u for beign a true friend in these Troubled Times

hyrrule replied to your post: how do i become a furry

U don’t

no-ifs-ands-or-butter replied to your post: how do i become a furry

grow fur and then you will be furry

no one has the Real answers……

how do i become a furry

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